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Walking Through The Valley



“Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.” — Psalm 23:4 NIV


The words that hold the greatest weight and importance for us are the ones spoken by God Himself as He ushers us into the gates of heaven. God’s deepest desire is for every person to repent and receive Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. He extends an invitation to all, but regrettably, many will refuse His offer. They reject Him simply because they lack the faith to believe in Him.

Accepting Jesus Christ as our Savior means we must turn away from the old ways of living and commit to walking with the Lord. To get to know Him better, we have the Holy Bible, which is a comprehensive guide to understanding God's character, His ways, and His will for our lives. Through His Word, we gain the confidence to have faith in Him and His promises. Ultimately, it is our faith in Him that enables us to receive the gift of eternal life that He offers.


My mother always had unwavering faith in God. She spoke softly and calmly, making people feel valued. Her voice provided comfort and peace, and her actions and words demonstrated strength and purity. My mother's love for God and her character were evident in her profound respect for the Lord. She made prayer an integral part of her life. One incident that exemplified her godly existence was when my brother-in-law entered her dimly lit bedroom and found her kneeling beside her bed. At first, he rushed to help her up, thinking she had fallen, but then he realized she was deep in prayer. She regularly devoted herself to reading the Bible and prayer, which were central to her life.


When my sister informed me that our mother had entered hospice care, I quickly gave notice at work and began the long and exhausting road trip back home. Upon arrival, I rushed through the sterile hallway and into her room equipped with a hospital bed and a narrow couch beside it. I sighed with relief at her smile as she gazed out of a sliding glass door that led to a beautiful courtyard.


At night, the narrow couch served as a bed for me. I couldn’t sleep and tossed around while listening to every breath my loved one took, praying that it wouldn’t be Mom’s last. One night, my husband and I stayed awake for hours, listening to my mother pray earnestly to God for the salvation of a relative. It was a riveting experience for us. Even during her final moments of consciousness, my mother interceded for the soul of a lost person, which is a testament to how important prayer and reverence for God were in her life.


During the first few days of her stay in hospice, my mother was only able to swallow soft foods. Her diet mainly consisted of yogurt, pudding, and fluids. One day, while I was feeding her, she suddenly turned and asked my sister for a cookie. My sister quickly went to the nurse's station to find a soft cookie, but before my sister returned, she told me that she was only joking and wanted to lighten the mood. Despite her condition, my mother remained joyful.


My mother had become too weak to sit up and write, but she wished to send a thank-you note for a miniature rose bush she had received as a gift. She asked me to write it down as she dictated the words. That small gesture was very meaningful to me. Despite her circumstances, my mother remained loving and polite and always had a kind word. She would often say “Yes, please” or “Thank you” to the staff.


We are thankful to God for blessing our mother with a long and healthy life. Even in her final days with us, I learned a lot from her. She faced death with humor, courage, and faith that God was with her through the valley of death. She believed that He would never leave or forsake her. Witnessing the peace and strength of God in her and the depth of her faith was a profound experience for us. I am certain that she is rejoicing with Jesus in the heavenly realms. She not only lived life well but also ended it well. She was a living testimony of the peace that surpasses our understanding.


Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father, I want to express my gratitude for the wonderful people you have placed in my life who have demonstrated unwavering faith and trust in You. Their steadfastness has been a source of inspiration and encouragement to me, and I pray that I may follow their example and become a shining light in the world. Please help me to cultivate a heart of gratitude, even in difficult circumstances, and to resist the temptation to complain or become disillusioned. Grant me the strength and wisdom to face every challenge with faith and trust in You, knowing that You are always with me and will never leave me or forsake me. Above all, I pray that You will guide me in my walk with You and help me to transition from this life to eternal joy. May I always seek Your will and follow Your path, so that I may be a faithful servant and a reflection of Your love in the world. In Jesus’ name, I pray, Amen.

 Your turn: Can you explain how your beliefs and faith in Jesus Christ have impacted and influenced the various aspects of your life? How have your actions, decisions, and perspectives been shaped by your relationship with Christ? In what ways do you see your life as a reflection of your faith?

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Love this cuz, my favorite and oft recited passage. In fact, during a "stress break" from frontlines of health care delivery with cuz Dawn, we were reciting it as we rode bikes in the early morning light along the waterfront. We were so touched by the quiet majesty of the mangroves, felt and spoke to God's presence, acknowledging sanctuary is wherever we are and continue to believe and do our best to serve His will. Keep up your beautiful and inspiring writings, they lift and nourish us, Aunt Polly is smiling down and indeed serves as a beacon example of sweetness, humor and light. In recalling and emulating her, her Spirit lives on infinitely through future good deeds.

Mi piace
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