Last year, I purchased a camera.

A Nikon D3500 to be exact.

Prior to purchasing the camera, I did as much research as possible to find the right fit for a beginner like me.

I am also extremely money conscious, so I needed this thing to be affordable first and foremost lol.

During my research, I came across a video by Jared Polin, a photographer and owner of FroKnowsPhoto. In the video, he spoke about the pros and cons of a Nikon D3500, in addition to the most important aspect of photography:

"I just want you to understand that the important thing in photography is glass. The quicker you can understand that better glass will result in better images for the most part, the quicker you will understand that better glass will help you out."

In other words, the lens that you attach to a camera body totally impacts the quality of photos taken.

Even an aesthetically pleasing camera body worth thousands is somewhat ineffective without the right lens.

Last week, my sister's best friend asked me to take a few photos to promote her skincare line, Boujee Bar Skincare LLC. Do yourself a favor and check out Havilah's products!

Havilah also happens to be my sister Alexis' best friend.

Alexis is a natural beauty.

I felt that between my lack of photography skills , the lighting, my nerves, and also the lens, the images did not quite capture who and what I saw in front of me.