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“I Need You”

In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps – Proverbs 16:9 NIV

I’m writing to let you personally know, I need you today. Isn’t it refreshing to find someone who’s probably a stranger to you, with the courage to express her feelings, without the fear of rejection? Aren’t you happy you found out someone was thinking of you today?

I may be what you’d call an expert on a few things and we’ll get to that later in our relationship but today I’d like to know what makes you tick.

Now, I watch enough news to understand there are some very bad people in our world and things appear to be getting worse daily. Yet, I know all hope isn’t lost. My question for you is – what is it about you or someone you know that makes this world a better place? What dream or goal do you have that you’d like to pursue but let go?

When I got in from church this Sunday I decided to call my daughter before doing anything else. I could tell she was upset and it wasn’t until I turned my TV on the news when she asked me to, that I realized the horror I’d slept through the morning of June 13, 2016. Even with the sound on low, the Orlando massacre emerged before my eyes like a familiar nightmare.

My tears came from the same fountain of mother-hood, as did my daughter’s when she thought of her own infant son. From the comfort of my living room, I stood beside each expectant mother. I prayed with them, as they stood watching and waiting outside Pulse nightclub in reverse labor. My knees then went soft after listening to a mom recount the details of son reaching out to her for help and then to say good-bye when he knew he would die at the hands of a stranger who wanted him dead for reasons we’ll never really know. That mother knew her son’s beginning had come to an end and all the dreams he’d set to accomplish would never be.

I know this. We are born we die. We live we love or choose hate. We become better or worse. We dream or just exist. We plan God establishes our steps.

I was supposed to re-launch my blog starting July 1, 2016. I decided not to wait. I also decided I would write a blog each day until the day of the re-launch. I’m asking that you respond with your answers to the two questions I posed in this blog and they will be included in a painting I’m working on called, “You.” I’ll then post a video and pictures of the painting the first week of July! If you want your comments to be included in the painting, please respond by 6/25/16.

Here are those questions once more:

  • What is it about you or someone you know that makes this world a better place?

  • What dream or goal do you have that you’d like to pursue but let go?

Your Friend & God’s Little Black Dresser,

Dr. Katherine

P. S.

The first 2 people to respond with their answers will win a free book each -“God’s Little Black Dress For Women: How To Put On The Full Armor Of God Without Losing Your Femininity”

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