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God, I Need a Change!

“I remain confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord” (Psalm 27:13-14 NIV).

My heart’s cry for months varied between “God, I need a change!” or “something must change, God!” I went to work-weary five days a week. On certain days, I cried while driving to my office. Other mornings, I gritted my teeth, dreading the workday ahead. Often, I’d pray for strength as I trudged up the stairs to my cubicle. I held my inner self wrapped with a thin string of patience.

One day, I was at my wit’s end and complained silently to God. While attending a training workshop, I sensed God telling me that I didn’t have to “do this anymore.” I almost fell out of my chair.

Later, so people wouldn’t think I was crazy, I asked God a question. “Did you speak to me?” I received the same response, hearing that a path to change was coming. I prayerfully continued to seek God’s direction. Believing I’d received a message from God, I made plans. I asked my prayer circle to pray for me, collected boxes, purged papers, and methodically moved my belongings.

One month later, I received a request from my supervisor for our standard weekly meeting. I arrived early to gather my thoughts and send up a prayer. A district director soon came and explained he would be attending the meeting.

“Am I being laid off?” I blurted out. He assured me I wasn’t. When my supervisor arrived, I was still trying to comprehend the director’s appearance at a weekly one-on-one. I was informed I’d be transferred to another department to help train new employees. My heart was crushed. Their plan wasn’t part of my career goals, with or without the company. Part of me wanted to argue to hold onto the position that had brought me enormous stress. But I stopped myself, remembering I’d asked for a clear sign. I realized God did provide a signal telling me it was time to go. Besides, I’d recently received unexpected news. A lovely home by the ocean that’d I’d partially inherited had become available. Although I was jobless for months when I moved to Florida, God allowed me to rest and recuperate. Eventually, I found work.

During the many months that I planned, packed, and moved my belongings, I looked to Jesus with great expectation. Presently, it’s difficult to perceive how much my life has improved from those days of driving to work crying. Now, I declare to anyone who will listen that I live my best life and thank God for answering my prayer for change.


Dear Lord, thank you that your word never returns void. Thank you for your goodness to me. Please help me be patient and strong and wait for your timing and direction. Amen.

Your Turn: Where do you need to trust God more? How have you opened your heart to allow God to make things happen?

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Arianna Dunn
Arianna Dunn
10 thg 4, 2022

Thank you for sharing this, Vonyee! It was a blessing to read about how God spoke to you and confirmed what he said. This shows just how important it is to trust God and be patient in the waiting phase.


Anthony Hayes
Anthony Hayes
08 thg 4, 2022

He will always order our steps.

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