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Driving By Faith

Fear not, for I am with you; Be not dismayed, for I am your God.I will strengthen you, Yes, I will help you,I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.’ (Isaiah 41:10 NKJV)


Last year, I had the opportunity to visit the US Virgin Islands. St. Croix quickly earned its way into my heart. The blue water is soothing, the landscape is lovely, and the people are exceptionally friendly. I enjoyed it so much that I quickly returned. However, anticipating my first solo visit, I was flooded with dread.

The left side is the right side, and the right side is suicide.

This is one of several reminders I chanted to myself interspersed with repeated, succinct prayers of Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!

In the USVI, they drive on the left. The roads in some places are merely paths. These bumpy and treacherous roadways wind around mountains, hug cliffs, and, from my experience, can make you nauseous and sick. You can’t call an Uber, and you won’t find a Lyft.

My choices were clear. I could stay put in the condo, or I could trust God and make the most of my visit. I reluctantly chose to walk rather than drive by faith.

I’ve heard it said God gives you grace for your place. I found this to be true on the island. Tourists are readily identifiable to islanders. They realize we don’t know where we are going and barely know what we are doing. The locals were very courteous, allowing me to merge into traffic with a motion or smile.

With each day, I ventured farther away from the familiar confines of the condo. On the final day of my visit, I found myself on the other side of the island. Slowly and cautiously, I was able to navigate (and ignore) a few tricky right turns. I became confident enough to drive my friends around when they came to visit.

This willingness to drive is no small miracle. There was a time when I drove, constantly grappled by fear. I faced a semi-truck head-on twice. Those near-death experiences made me reluctant to drive for years. My inability to control other drivers began controlling me. It took years of prayer, yet now I drive confidently once more.

I’m learning that God equips us with whatever we need in life. I’ve learned to do things in my fifties—such as travel to new places and learn a new profession—that terrified me in my twenties. With age came wisdom. I recognize that I’m never alone. God is always nearby. With His guidance and protection, we have nothing to fear.

When we focus on our faith, we can live boldly and enjoy the journey.


Prayer: Dear Lord,  heavy heart, plagued by doubts and fears. I pray that you grant me the strength to face my fears head-on and overcome them. Please help me to trust in your divine plan and seek comfort in the knowledge that you are always by my side, guiding me towards the right path. I ask that you show me how to fully rely on you for all my needs, both big and small. May your love and grace fill my heart and guide me through this journey of life. Amen.

Your turn: Are there things in your life that plague you with fear and doubt? What steps can you take to put your confidence in God?

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