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Dr. Katherine Hayes

Author, speaker, educational consultant and ministry leader–Katherine flourishes in the area of educational and Biblical discipleship.  Katherine has the background connections to provide insight, entertainment, and realism in her fiction writing to those who want to peek into the dark world of espionage, double agents, and terrorism. She uses her experience as a teacher, college instructor, and school principal to work into her writing the beauty and ugliness of the human condition. The constant tension between faith, friendship, family, loyalty, and choosing between good versus evil is something she has witnessed over a long career working with people as a mentor, trainer, speaker, and writer. Her ability to inject warmth, humor, and uncover the hidden struggles of the heart into her writing, offers hope, enlightenment, and encouragement.

Katherine resides in Saint Johns, Florida with her husband, three daughters, their dog, cat, and a garden filled with roses and pet squirrels.

Arianna Dunn

Arianna Dunn is a 28-year-old Cincinnati, Ohio, native. She received her BA in Middle Childhood Education from Xavier University, and later became an AmeriCorps Ohio College Guide, a 4-5th grade teacher, and an admission counselor. She currently serves as an HR Corporate Recruiter for Kroger and assists in conducting the interview process for candidates in the Mid-Atlantic region and beyond. When she is not recruiting or leading training sessions, Arianna enjoys blogging, singing, and photography. She truly believes in the power of our testimonies, and finds writing as the perfect way to connect with others.

 You can reach Arianna through her blog—

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Vonyee K. Carrington

Vonyee lives in coastal Northeast Florida.  She came to know the Lord Jesus Christ as a senior in college.  She is a woman who loves to help others find and follow their life’s purpose.  In her spare time, she enjoys reading, knitting, and writing.

Evelyn Collins

Evelyn currently lives in sun-drenched Florida with her husband, where they enjoy outdoor life most of the year. She and her spouse have three adult daughters. They also have eight grandchildren ranging in ages 6 to 26. Before moving to the sunshine state, Evelyn grew up near the ECU campus in North Carolina, with its sprawling lush grounds and giant trees. She then relocated to the Outer Banks, where she experienced lovely beaches, stunning sunrises, and sunsets. No matter where Evelyn lives, she finds solitude with God while enjoying nature, writing, and photography.

The splendor of nature creates joy and wonder as it surrounds her, whether alone or with family and friends. As a photographer enthusiast, she often uses her growing repertoire of photos as inspiration for her work. Evelyn also records inspirations from quiet time spent observing. Her writing expresses her appreciation of nature, God’s presence, and the many blessings enjoyed in life.

Visit Evelyn at

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Sharon Johnson

Sharon  Johnson is a Third Grade Teacher in Jacksonville, FL Duval County. She is the oldest of (3) girls to Minister Crystal Johnson and the late Elder Ja Johnson.  She’s a seamstress and a “craft junky,” devoted to stitching together God’s word with how she lives as a devoted Woman of God.

Taylor Wehri

Taylor Wehri has a love for people and helping them identify their true purpose in this world.  Taylor graduated from Liberty University with a bachelor’s degree in Christian Ministries. She also has a love for writing, drawing, and designing. Taylor owns and operates a design and ministry studio called Drawing Deeper Studio where she is the lead artist.  She also started a nonprofit called submersion14, Inc. You can find her work at and


Sharique Ellison

Sharique Ellison is a Christian podcast creator for Holy Spirit Radiance. She is interested in expanding and advancing the kingdom of God through the creation of Christian content. Sharique has two bachelor’s Degrees in Psychology and Sociology with a Nursing Degree on the way. She has a passion for Jesus Christ and loves to serve people through his love.

Platforms that Holy Spirit Radiance is premiered on:





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Shai Johnson

I’m Shai Lynne Johnson and I’m the youngest of three.  I have two older sisters. The oldest is Sharon and the middle child is Shawna Johnson.  My dad was retired from the U.S. Air Force, whom we lost in 2018 and my mother is working with her siblings in their family business T&E Innovations and Designs.

I wrote a fairy tale story and won 1st place in the Young Author’s competition.  The name of my story was the Magical Butterfly.  I choose a butterfly because I did a research on them and they start as a caterpillar then wraps itself up in a cocoon and then hatches out as a butterfly.  I thought about how I am, which is, shy until I get to know you. Moving to Indiana was hard for me at first so I just turned some of my life into a fairy tale.  My mom would say when I have no one to play with, I could entertain myself.  After several people read my story, I was encouraged to put it into a book.

Whatever God has planned for me, I am ready to take it on!

My website: 

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Crystal Johnson

Crystal Johnson is a mother to three wonderful girls and a grandmother to one fantastic grandson. She is also a widow to Elder Ja Johnson, the best husband in the world. Crystal is a licensed minister of the gospel. She is also part of a family of inventors and entrepreneurs. She helps run a company that produces crafts, spices, sports paraphernalia, specialty grills, among other things.

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