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When I Think Of You- For My Mother's 80th Birthday

When I think of you

I give glory to


I love you


My first teacher


Bible follower

My first example of grace



Artistic brilliance

I am grateful for you


You create home

Wherever you go

Bringing warmth



Godly character

And nurturing care

To every corner you inhabit

I respect you


I live to make you happy

You are my heart

My mentor

My dearest friend

My mother

I love you


This poem is dedicated to my dear mother, Pauline Hutchinson who turned 80 on 9/9/20. I know my father is smiling down from heaven. He was her best friend, her loving husband, and father to her six children both adopted and biological. My mother is my dearest friend, a Proverbs 31 woman of God, my confidant, a caring person, a midwife, nurturer, chef, co-pilot, legendary, adventurer, artist, musician, and extraordinary Christ-follower!

Previous Comments:

You are carrying on the legacy, Katherine! -Marian Beaman September 12, 2020

Kathy, that poem brought tears to my eyes. Such truth and gratitude for an amazing mother and woman. I have fond memories of your mom and dad growing up in New York. That poem is beautiful and the picture depicts the true beauty of your parents love for one another. Your mom was a beautiful bride. Sweetheart inside and out. Give her a big hug and kiss for me please. -Stephanie Wilkinson September 12, 2020

Kat, Auntie Polly sure is awesome. She’s a mother figure to so many. I remember her cooking, singing, pool parties with you guys. I remember being with her and uncle Joe when he was in the hospital at Sloan Kettering, the same time as my dad. I remember our chats in his room. She’s an awesome woman. I pray she will have many more blessed, happy birthdays. Love, Carolyn -Carolyn Wiltshire September 12, 2020


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