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New Podcast Launch! Calling Authors Wanting to Build Their Platforms!

We're going to be launching a new podcast and updated website October 31st- yes on Halloween!

The podcast is going to feature talks and reviews on the Murder, Mystery, and Mayhem genre and to say I am excited is an understatement!

We're looking for authors and individuals to be added to the list to be featured on the podcast that will be broadcasted weekly.

Authors should write all things related to the murder, mystery, suspense genre. This could be cozy mysteries, true crime, CIA, FBI, cyber, legal thrillers, and the list goes on.

Don't have a book yet? No worries. If you're a journalist, reporter, or are currently working on a book, not yet released, we want your input!

We're also looking for all types of experts who authors of this genre rely on for authenticity. If you're willing to share your expertise in an area, please connect. Some examples are the following but NOT limited to:

  • Law enforcement officers

  • Lawyers

  • FBI experts

  • CIA & DIA experts

  • Homeland security experts

  • Morticians

  • Medical examiners

  • Forensic Scientists

  • Private detectives

  • Bodyguards

  • Psychologists

  • Psychiatrists

  • Emergency room staff

Do you want to be featured? Podcasts are being scheduled now. They will be recorded and released beginning in October. Discretion is key when interviewing experts. Identities DO NOT have to be revealed. Here's your chance to leave your mark in the world. Leave a comment or message us!

Email me at:

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