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How Do You Measure Your Success?

‘Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,’ says the Lord Almighty (Zechariah 4:6 NIV).

Many of us believe that to succeed we must be tough, strong, unbending, and even harsh. But God lets us know the secret of our success is because of His spirit. As we live for God, we need to be determined NOT to trust in our OWN strength or abilities. God is the one working behind the scenes to help us achieve success in our jobs, families, relationships, finances, and other areas important to us. We do what we can do and God does the impossible. When we totally depend on God, He works in the power of His Spirit. God is the only one who is all powerful.

When I take a look down memory lane, I recall a time when I was employed at this particular office where evaluations were important Annually, I had to do a self-evaluation, then I would receive one from management. The outcome of the evaluation determined my raise and the success I could achieve in my position.

I thought it was pointless to complete a self-evaluation. I kept thinking, “of course, we’ll all give ourselves the highest score possible.” But as I began to get honest with myself, I realized there were plenty of things I could improve on.

Just as we would read and do what was required of us from an employee handbook, the same thing is required of us by God. Think about the success God can give us by reading and following the directions in his “employee handbook”—the Bible. He’s the all-powerful one who gives us the success we need!

Father God, I thank you for being a present help in every aspect of my life. I thank you for the times you nudge me to evaluate my heart, motives, and most of all your will and word.

Your turn: What about you? Have you asked yourself if you’re truly doing well in your personal reflection. Are you like me, realizing you never read the "employee handbook" thoroughly?

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