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“Guess How Much God Loves You”

“Guess How Much God Loves You” by Karen Ferguson is a sweet story that appeals to young readers, bringing the creation story of the Bible and breaking it down with colorful language and descriptions.

The relationship between Lucy and her Papa is heartwarming and draws readers into sharing the cozy story time the two share. Most children will identify with Lucy’s questions if God truly loves her. We watch her form her thoughts, understanding of the world, and how she fits into God's plan. It is encouraging to see that she brings her questions to her Papa, and through her example, young readers find the encouragement to do the same. Lucy’s character is relatable for young children navigating the world and the questions that arise as they, too, encounter the issue of bullying.

With so many books of the Bible to read and discover, kids can look forward to what other lessons Papa and Lucy will journey together to learn more about the nature of God and who Lucy, along with all children, are created to be.

Karen Ferguson breaks down the creation story in a simple and easy-to-follow way while still entertaining, while she also sneaks in a few facts about animals through the story. Through the question-and-answer portion of her book, Karen provides a perfect opportunity for parents and children to have an open dialog about scripture and how to relate a child’s question about the world around them and what God has to say about their questions.

As a mom of stair-step children, I look forward to reading more in the series of books to follow and the opportunities to bring scripture into the array of questions my children have about God and what he thinks about the questions they have.


Karen Ferguson: Author, content creator, and the owner of Illuminate Communications, LLC. I’m a lover of words, family, animals, and Jesus. I’m also a passionate advocate for Truth that transforms lives! My mission is to use the power of words to inspire, encourage, and enlighten readers of all ages on their whole-life journey, helping them settle into their unique, God-given identity and purpose. Whether it’s a book, blog post, or digital download, I create content designed to touch the heart and nourish the mind, body, and spirit. By illuminating the truth of Scripture alongside important topics like faith, family, finances, creativity, mindset, and well-being, I strive to create products of significance. Ones that will inform and transform, providing clarity, and the tools needed to turn the tough and messy issues of this life into something beautiful and meaningful. All by the Grace of God.

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Book review by: Guest blogger—Michelle Davis. She's a mom, writer, and book reviewer.

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