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Battles of the Heart

“The Lord is near to all who call upon Him, To all who call upon Him in truth.”–Psalm 145:18, NKJV.


I still remember when I was first diagnosed at thirteen years old with Hidradenitis suppurativa, a non-contagious chronic inflammatory skin disorder characterized by painful nodules, abscesses, and scarring.

The condition starts to develop with hair follicle blockage, followed by rupture and inflammation. Hidradenitis suppurativa is not caused by infection or poor hygiene.


At first, the outbreaks were few and not too severe. But as I've grown older, they have become more frequent and excruciatingly painful. Yet, my unshakeable determination to live an everyday life despite my health issues is rooted in my faith in God.


Even when my mind tells me to give up or call in sick to work because I feel like I can't function, my heart urges me to lean on my family and the Lord for the strength to keep going. It’s a battle of the heart.

Whenever I overcome adversity, it reinforces my belief that I can confront any challenge with bravery and strength, knowing that God’s unwavering love sustains me.


Navigating the battles of the heart when we face illness and challenges can be an arduous journey. It requires a resilient spirit and unwavering faith to confront the physical and emotional turmoil that accompanies health struggles. Whether it's a chronic condition, an unexpected illness, or a sudden injury, the impact on our lives can be profound. It takes strength to push through the pain and uncertainty, but finding solace in faith, the support of loved ones, and the resilience of the human spirit can help us navigate these battles with courage and determination.


In our journey through life, it’s often tempting to depend on our perceptions––what we see, hear, and feel. However, genuine peace and guidance can only be found by faith in God's purpose.

Like a lighthouse guiding ships through turbulent seas, God is constantly close to those who genuinely and truthfully seek His help.



Prayer: Heavenly Father, I’m deeply grateful for your unwavering presence in every aspect of my life. I sincerely appreciate your divine plan, which I trust in and follow with unwavering faith. I humbly ask for your continued guidance and support as I face and overcome each trial and tribulation that may come my way. In the name of Jesus, I pray for these blessings. Amen.


Your turn: In what aspects of your life have you trusted God? Who else do you rely on and trust in?

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Arianna Dunn
Arianna Dunn
02. Juli

Thank you for sharing this, Shai!! God has truly strengthened you and given you much bravery. I’m learning to trust God to make up for the things I lack in. He’s been calling me to spaces where I don’t feel quite qualified, but I’m learning to trust that God will make up for the qualifications I don’t have.

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