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Author Spotlight on: Frank Perretti

New York Time Belling author, Frank Perretti, is an enthusiastic, imaginative, Christian writer. He is well-known for his creation of an entire genre, Christian horror. The charisma and high energy passion Perretti displays on stage, and throughout his novels, can be attributed to his early life experiences. This Seattle, Washington raised, bright eyed child was a natural storyteller who told many stories to neighborhood children. Perretti grew up in a small Assembly of God church where he later assisted his father in pastoring. Through this pastoral experience he gained deep Biblical knowledge and revelations that later led to the spiritual warfare and the crisis of faith content in his books.

If you have watched and listened to Frank Perretti tell his stories, then you can testify to how animated he is. Perretti draws in his listeners using multiple character voices, silly sounds, vivacious body movements, and onstage demonstrations. Perretti is a wonderful example of how God uses our authenticity and uniqueness in the ministry work He has called us to.

There may be times in each of our lives where we want to do things like others. Or we may've even questioned why God would need us if so many others are doing the same thing. The answer is clear. There is no one like YOU!

Our creator gave us all different personalities, life experiences, dreams, visions and insight. There are many writers, authors, journalists, and bloggers. And yes, there is a piece of literary work on every subject imaginable. But there is only one mind that works like yours.

The next time you hit a writer's block, bring YOU to the table. Someone is hungry for your unique knowledge and delivery! Frank Perretti is a perfect example of this.

Ephesians 2:10 says, "For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them."

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This feature was authored by: Antionette Campbell. She is an innovator, working to inspire others through her words, actions, and testimony. Connect with our newest suspense book reviewer at:

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