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What if Someone Breaks My Heart?

Recently I found myself transfixed by a song that’s enjoyed immense popularity. I believe the cruel and shocking transparency of the lyrics resonates with people experiencing heartbreak and the disillusionment that accompanies it.
The singer declares:
“I may not be the worst or the best, but you gotta respect my honesty, and I may break your heart, but I don’t think there’s anybody as bomb as me”—Ludacris and Taio Cruz (Break Your Heart)

Those lyrics struck a chord with me because I lived them. What about you? Have you ever given yourself a broken heart? What I mean is, have you ever been in a relationship where the person tells you they will break your heart? But you forge ahead into the relationship, ignoring all the warning signs. You think that the person will change their mind because of your Godly ways and goodness. However, it doesn’t work out as you planned. You end up with that promised broken heart. You also end up with more than you bargained for in guilt, shame, self-loathing, and lower self-esteem.

These are all the things I ended up with when I ignored the words of someone I dated.

I won’t go into how it all happened. The aftermath is what’s important. In the aftermath, I needed refuge. Most people talk to friends and family. My friends and family weren’t an option. I never told them about this relationship. I asked God one day, who will help me process my pain, anguish, and thoughts of stupidity? The Holy Spirit whispered, “Jesus.”

In the days and months following my heartbreak, I poured out my emotions. I cried. I journaled. I repented. Like King David, I returned to the God of my salvation. I hid in Jesus.

Microsoft’s online dictionary defines “refuge” (noun) as a condition of being safe or sheltered from pursuit, danger, or trouble; or something providing shelter. “Safe” (adjective) is defined as protected from or not exposed to danger or risk; not likely to be harmed or lost.

Although someone broke my heart, Jesus became my shelter and my safe place during my time of healing. The Bible tells us that when we take refuge in Jesus, God will deliver us (Psalm 91:3). God protects us with the shield of His faithfulness. I pressed into God to heal my broken heart. He showed me in Psalm 91:14-16 “I will protect him because he knows my name. When he calls on me, I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble; I will rescue him and honor him. With long life, I will satisfy him and show him my salvation.”

I didn’t know if it was possible, but God eventually healed my broken heart. Through my journey to healing, God protected me. And He continues to do more as I consistently find my refuge in Him. I can come out on the other side of pain and disappointment with a fresh perspective and a newfound sense of self-value. God has given me a new song to sing over my present and future of hope, love, and good promises. I’m now able to share God’s great work in my life. And for that, I’m thankful (Psalm 73:28).


Prayer: Dear Jesus, please be my refuge from the heartbreaks of life. Heal my heart when people disappoint. Show me how to trust you with everything. Lord, be my shield and my safe place.
Your turn: Are there heartaches you’ve struggled to heal from? If so, you’re in good company. How did you recover? Do you have a prayer to share? Encouragement? How has God been your safe place when you needed refuge? Please reach out and share. We’d love to hear from you!

References: Source: Musixmatch 
Songwriters: Christopher Bridges / Taio Cruz / Fraser Smith
Break Your Heart lyrics © Ludacris Worldwide Publishing Inc., Chrysalis Music Ltd, EMI Music Publishing Ltd

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