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The Art of “YOU”

Earlier this summer a challenge was given to all who contributed their input to a blog post titled "I Need You." This particular post discussed topics such as: 1. The brevity of life 2. The importance of dreams 3. People who make this world better The promise to all who answered two questions offered at the end of the blog, was that they would be immortalized in a piece of artwork titled "You." While, I didn't hit my mark of July in posting this, the piece was complete by then. Unfortunately, I didn't weigh in that I'd be traveling to Wisconsin that month. Although I was able to use my sister in law's art studio, I had to have the piece specially shipped back to me in Florida as it was too large to transport on the plane ride home to Florida. Below are the original questions used. Within the painting are the actual words of each participant which were printed out and incorporated as the frame. The portrait of the woman represents a singular, common entity..."You."

  • What is it about you or someone you know that makes this world a better place?

  • What dream or goal do you have that you’d like to pursue but let go

Tag you're it! What are your thoughts about "You"? Are there dreams you've let go and would like to pursue? If I get enough feedback (more than 10 comments), I'll do another painting and this time I'll let "You" name it!




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