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But Moses said to God, “Who am I that I should go to Pharaoh and bring the Israelites out of Egypt?” (Exodus 3:11 NIV).

I think it is safe to say that we all can identify with Moses in some capacity.

He was full of fear and doubted when God had called him to lead the Israelites out of Egypt. Moses could only fixate on the fact that he had never been eloquent and was slow of speech and tongue.

He had countless what-ifs and scenarios he posed to God. It was hard for his human mind to conceive of the fact that God had called him to partake in something that required a level of boldness that he did not quite know he had. Each time, God made it abundantly clear that he would be with Moses.

Everything that Moses said and did was a product of what God told him to do or say.

I have had my share of “Who am I that I should” moments. I have had countless moments where I have thought to myself, Why me? I am not qualified enough to be in this position. They should ask someone else instead.

When such thoughts enter my mind, I’m reminded of this quote:

“God does not call the qualified. He qualifies the called. ” Christine Caine

On paper and by my merit, I’m not qualified. However, in God-ordained positions, places, titles, and situations, I am now becoming qualified through God. This has been such a great lesson for me this year.

Moses was eighty years old when he spoke to Pharaoh. This intends that when God qualifies us, he transcends age, financial status, disability, personal merit, your past, perceptions, opinion, and any societal standard.

Oftentimes, the very things that disqualifies us in the eyes of society, are the very things that God uses for his glory.

As a child, I was terrified to speak in front of large and even small audiences. Since then, I have taught my own class, presented hundreds of presentations, made it to the audition round of Ted-X Cincinnati, and I’m currently conducting training sessions at my job. What I was terrified to do as a child, has become the greatest way that God has used me to be a blessing to others and spread truth.

Through God, we are qualified.

Prayer: Thank you, God, for qualifying me. Through you, I am more than enough. When doubt creeps in, remind me of you are, and who you have been. Give me the strength to do all that you have called me to do.

Your Turn: Is there something God is calling you to do that you're not qualified to do? Has it already happened? Please share.

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Taylor Wehri
Taylor Wehri
28 de out. de 2021

Great Read!

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