Patricia Tiffany Morris-Award Winning Suspense Author


I first met Patricia two years ago at Blue Ridge Mountains Christians Writer’s Conference, prior to her winning first place for the "Suspense Fiction" category at Blue Ridge 2021. I adore her stark bravery. She refuses to be stuffed into any one genre or category. She is an artist who writes poetry, suspense, literary fiction, children’s STEAM, and inspirational nonfiction. This incredibly diverse creative is someone to keep an eye on. She’s making a distinctive mark on our generation as a uniquely gifted artist, defying the confines of artistry, by coloring outside the lines of tradition.

Upon first meeting Patricia, I found she had a quirky sense of humor (which I super love). Secondly, she openly laughed at my clever and witty jokes. I thought about sneaking her home in my suitcase to show my family my career as a comedian wasn’t a complete pipedream.

But in all seriousness, I find Patricia to be one of the most unassuming people one could meet. Yet, she is full of humility, whimsical talent, wisdom, and creativity. Also, it’s not often you meet someone who operates with a strong left and right brain. She proves you can have it all! Admittedly, I’m slightly jealous and I do need to pray about issues with envy since meeting Patricia. But that’s for another conversation.

World watch out! Meet the extraordinarily, gifted, and talented—Patricia Tiffany Morris.