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Overcome Fear and Flourish: Tips for Living with Confidence and Courage


So He said, “Come.” And when Peter came out of the boat, he walked on the water to see Jesus. ——Matthew 14:29 NKJV


What I appreciate most about Matthew 14:29 is not that Peter walked on water but that he was brave enough to get out of the boat. Peter didn't seek the advice of his peers or follow their lead. No other disciple said, me too!

Peter stepped out onto the ocean based on his relationship with Jesus. Peter witnessed prior miracles and was confident in the power of Christ’s command. With his eyes on Jesus, Peter stepped boldly into a storm. The miracle only ceased when Peter took his focus off Jesus and considered the wind and waves around him.

It takes courage to step out in faith. Few of us will step into a raging storm. Yet, we may be commanded to do so if we also experience exceptional blessings. We may not step into the ocean, but we may be called into chaos as we navigate life. New employment possibilities, relationships, and adventures come with their challenges.

We thrive, overcome fear, and flourish when we follow Peter’s example and live with confidence and courage in the following ways:

  • Magnifying God’s power and the promise of his word fuels a boldness we would not have otherwise.

  • Focusing on God allows us to keep things in the proper perspective.

  • Enduring trials is easier when we remember Christ is mightier than our circumstances.

  • Christ enabled Peter, and he empowers us as well.

Yet, like Peter, we falter when we don’t give God our full attention. We can’t flourish in fear. Failure to seek God first and meditate on his word allows our minds freedom to amplify our difficulties and inconveniences. As we ask for God’s help and remember our Savior’s faithfulness to catch us—we can courageously pursue opportunities that would be unthinkable to other people.

God appreciates boldness in coming to him, especially when we don't come out of desperation but in faith in what he’ll do. Anything of substance requires sacrifice. Sometimes, our sacrifice is obedience and failing with Christ. Success arises from lessons learned amid failure.

Though Peter began to sink, he experienced a supernatural feat that still ministers today. Perhaps the experience of walking on water with Jesus forged Peter into the person who could eventually build the Church.

The battle for our miracles is in the mind. We can focus on Jesus or count on all the reasons our dreams won’t come to fruition.

God wants to bless us, but our blessings require enthusiasm for doing things other people will not.
Dare to meditate on Jesus and answer His call. Become emboldened by the memory of your miracles. We may not always walk on water, but our Savior sustains us when we train our eyes on Him.


Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father, I come to you in prayer, acknowledging that you have not given us a spirit of fear but power, love, and a sound mind. I ask for the boldness to step out in faith, just as Peter did when he walked on water towards Jesus. Help me focus on you, Lord, and magnify your power and the promise of your word so that I may be emboldened to pursue opportunities that others may consider unthinkable. Please grant me the courage to face challenges and thrive during chaos, knowing you are mightier than any circumstance. Help me remember that failure with you leads to success and that I can experience supernatural feats that minister to others through obedience and faith. Amen/

Your turn: How can you develop the strength to keep your focus on God and not be consumed by fear or doubt? What can you do to be enthusiastic about doing what others may not and answer God's call boldly? Describe memories you have of miracles God has done in your life.

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May 24
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Trusting God's plan is an intention of faith often accompanied by fear. God consistently tells us through His world "Do not fear" and illustrates His provisions as we walk though doubt and discouragement.

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So true!

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