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Loop of Indecision

It’s January, and I’m trying to decide my goals for the rest of the year. But my mind is all over the place. “What about this as a goal? Maybe I’ll work on that?” I say aloud. My mind continues to go in circles. I must decide on my goals. I want to do it before the month is out. However, I’ve gotten caught in a loop between the old things I didn’t accomplish last year and the new things I want to achieve this year.
How do I get out of the redundant loop of indecision? The following are examples of what I’ve done:
  • I sit and listen for God to speak into the swirling sea of ideas. In the quiet, I concentrate on listening to God.

  • I don’t hear the Lord speak, so I walk outside and look at God’s divine creation. When I look at what God created, I can’t fathom how much God cares for me (Psalm 8:3), but I still don’t have clarity.

  • I call friends, hoping something in our conversation will calm the chaos. The call reminds me of God’s love for me by blessing me with relationships, but I still struggle with what I need to hear.

  • I listen to Christian music, hoping the lyrics will inspire me. Nothing comes.

  • If the music doesn’t inspire me, I sit and read God’s word with expectation.

Finally, I ask, “What’re my goals for the year?” I breathe in and out. I wait patiently. I rest. I choose to turn off the voice of doubt and fear. I trust that God will speak. Then in my spirit, I hear, “Remember—your why.”

"What’s my why?" I ask myself. It soon comes flooding back to me. I moved to Florida for more. I wanted more hearing from God, creativity, time with family, and downtime. The realization hit me that my new goals should center around these motivators by spending time reading, studying, practicing God’s word, writing more, and prioritizing time with family.

This loop of indecision taught me that it doesn’t always come instantly when I seek an answer from God. I must put in work to pinpoint meaningful objectives. Fleshing them out took perseverance. But as I’m faithful in talking and communing with God, he’s faithful in responding. I asked God, and he gave me the answer I needed (Luke 11:9). Now, I move forward so others may benefit from God's gifts within me. (Philippians 3:14). To accomplish those goals, I must be like a tree planted by water streams (Psalms 1:3). A tree is rooted and grounded. It focuses on bringing forth fruit in the right season, and I must do the same.


Prayer: Father God, give me focus when I’m caught in a loop of indecision. Help me to hear your voice, direction, and wisdom through prayer and listening.

Your Turn: What’re your goals? Are you stuck in a loop of indecision? How will you put in the work to accomplish your goals?

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