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Life Lessons: Meet, Encourage, and Trust

One of my friends presented an idea to form a group to study God’s word and pray for each other. She came up with this idea after nine long months during a worldwide pandemic. Previously, we met when we all lived in North Carolina. I have been studying the book of Hebrews with this same group of friends.

While we live someplace other than North Carolina, we enjoy meeting together, discussing God’s word, and praying for each other. For the last several months, we have been working through the book of Hebrews. Two weeks ago, we read the Hebrews 10:19 through 39. As we discussed Hebrews 10, I remembered that as a new believer in Christ, Hebrews 10:23-25 were some of my favorite scriptures. These verses kept me going to church. They kept me engaged with other believers. They helped me find my gift in the Body of Christ.

Most importantly, they kept me connected to God.

How could these scriptures do so much? These verses reminded me that it is imperative to meet with other believers. In meeting with other believers, we can stand with each other amid the triumphs and trials of life. We can remind each other of the good work that God is doing in, around, and through them. We encourage each other. As we encourage each other, we are reminded that God is good, that God is faithful. We remind ourselves and others that God can and is to be trusted.

Your Turn: How have you continued to meet with others, encourage them, and trust God more during this pandemic? If you have not met with others, exhorted others, and trusted, what steps will you take to make this a reality?

Lord Jesus, give us the courage to meet each other online or face to face, encourage them, and trust YOU more. Amen!

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