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Help! My dress has blown over my head and I can’t see!

Have you ever gotten caught in a sudden draft and had the surprise of your life when your dress blew up at the most inappropriate time? Sometimes the events in our lives hit us like a blown up garment, exposing our most private things and completely catching us off guard. It just seems like I’ve been on a roll with this lately and I wonder where God is leading me. You know, I’ll get to thinking that it would be so much easier without children to mess up this awesome image thing I have going but that thought fades quicker than their fingerprints on the fridge. With one swoosh I can wipe away stains and prints but no wiping will dry the tears of disappointment that run like rain over one of my girls. Lately, I look at my girl and wish I could just climb into her brain for a few days and straighten everything all out. But the fingers of time tug me back into place and I let her talk. “In bed is where you’ll cry. Just keep it together for now.” I say to myself and smile through one of the most painful conversations I’ve ever had with anyone. Our words are simple and few but the sum of them equals something big. She’s grown. My little girl is a woman and my dress is over my head and I can’t see a thing.

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