Author Spotlight on: Corey Stumne


I met Corey Stumne at a writers

critique group. I loved that he was unassuming, down-to-earth, and personable. When I discovered he was a pastor, I was delighted! He appeared to be the type of person who people could relate to despite his job title. In other words, his personality is inviting rather than off-putting. This is a highly desirable characteristic of a pastor. Corey is also a tennis coach, a husband, and a father to two small children. I'm pleased to introduce you to the author of: The Man Called Messiah.

When did you realize you were interested in being a writer?

I've always loved storytelling. I thrive around a campfire, listening and telling stories. But I never thought about the idea of writing a story up until about four years ago when The Lord put a project on my heart for a student in my church's youth ministry.

How long does it take you to write a story/article/book?

A very, very long time. I don't think it's because I'm a slow writer; it's because of my minimal time. I'm a full-time minister, part-time tennis coach, husband, father of two children under 3. I'm lucky to get 30 minutes a day to be at the computer. I'm working on my second book, and it's going much faster, but it's still going to take somewhere between a year and two years to complete it.

What is your work schedule like when you're writing?

I'm a full-time minister, part-time tennis coach, husband, father of two children under three. If I need to write, I do it late at night when the kids are (finally) asleep, or I do some before I leave the church office to come home.

What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?

Hmm… Good question. I'm still relatively new at this, but I'll say one thing I think I do that plenty of authors don't—which is truthfully probably not good news for me—is that I write what I would love to read. Plenty of authors write for specific audiences, and or genres. And while I write general Christian fiction, the sub-genres are going to vary from book to book. I guess I just don't want to be boxed into a specific niche.