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The Song of Gratitude

My lips will call out for joy when I sing praises to You. You have set my soul free (Psalm 71:23 NLV).

We didn’t talk much during the first couple of hours of the drive. Lost in our thoughts, the miles speed by faster than the past few years after losing dad had. I stared out the window, watching the trees, sky, and cars whiz by, observing the changing landscape. A chill was in the crisp air. I wondered if things would finally feel like home again once we settled into our new state. I felt too exhausted to dream again and too disappointed in people and their empty promises, dread set in. What if this is another dead end for us?

While moving to Texas from Florida during our car ride, my mother and I finally turned on the gospel station after hours of silence. Music filled the emptiness in our vehicle and hearts. Soon a peaceful spirit enveloped the car. I took a deep breath, realizing how much I’d missed gospel music and how much it uplifted my spirits. Music has always had a way of penetrating the depth of my soul. I began to feel a deep sense of thankfulness, and the darkness l felt was pierced by the light of gratitude.

As we approached my sister’s apartment, I sensed a deep appreciation for the peace experienced despite our unplanned journey and my fight with illness, death, and disappointment.

It occurred to me that Gratitude is a gift God gives us. Expressing thankfulness shows me how to never take anything for granted. I am thankful for what I have and what I receive. Being grateful is a powerful way of drawing close to God.

The bottom line is this:

· Gratitude glorifies God.

· Gratitude puts me in God’s will.

· Gratitude brings peace.

· Gratitude draws us to God.

Dear Lord, my lips will call out for joy when I sing praises to You. You have set my soul free. I ask you to show me how to praise you through the storms and keep my heart grateful. Amen.

Your turn: How do you express gratitude? When you experience seasons of disappointment, have you ever praised your way to victory?

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Marian Beaman
Marian Beaman
Nov 15, 2021

I read a Psalm, sometimes out loud. Also, I've written in a gratitude journal for years now. I have a stack of them. The LORD just keeps piling on blessings. Thanks for the reminder here.


Arianna Dunn
Arianna Dunn
Nov 13, 2021

Thank you for sharing this , Shai. I practice gratitude every morning by thanking God for at least five things. Just like you mentioned, gratitude brings such a sense of peace. It re-centers our focus.

Replying to

Hey There Arianna!I love that you choose 5 things to be thankful about each day. It's an incredible practice. From time to time I'll write in a journal to express thanks, but I love your dedication. I believe thankful people are much more content and filled with joy. Thanks for sharing!

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