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Playing Through the Difficult Pieces

“Mom I just don’t want to do piano anymore. It’s just not my thing for my life!”

The words shocked me. When my daughter became frustrated over a difficult piece in her piano book she came to me and threw her book down on my desk, as I was working on writing on what I thought was an important piece. I gathered my youngest child in my arms and wiped at the tears spilling out onto her hot chubby cheeks.

“Why don’t you like playing the piano anymore,” I asked.

She pulled away from me and jumped off my lap. “It’s too hard and it’s not fun anymore!” She said running to her room.

Before slamming her door, her ominous last words were, “I’m never playing piano again!”

I held my laughter in until I knew she could no longer see or hear me.

The tears that ran down my face were for an entirely different reason than my child’s but the similar scenario reminded me of my relationship with God.

My child reflected the attitude I often take with my heavenly father whenever life becomes challenging. I become the bratty kid throwing myself down and impatiently screaming for a way out of hardships.

I take in the moment and absorb the peace of knowing that God cannot grow any of us or me until we play through the difficult pieces of life.


Dearest Lord I need your help in every area of my life. Father, show me the path to emotional stability in all of my relationships including the one with myself. Show me how to balance all that concern me such as career, motherhood, friendships, and church. Please bless me with wisdom to make decisions based on the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Shine upon me and lead me so that my victory is always in you.


Do not hide your face from me when I am in distress. Turn your ear to me; when I call, answer me quickly. (Psalm 102:2 NIV)

Your turn, how do you play through the difficult pieces in your life?


Dr. Katherine

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