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“Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves receive from God” (2nd Corinthians 1:3-4 NIV).

Comfort: (noun) a state of physical ease and freedom from pain or constraint; the easing or alleviation of a person's feelings of grief or distress.

Who or what do we turn to for comfort?

In our lowest moments, and even the greatest, where can we find ourselves?

I recently asked myself these questions.

I tend to turn to a lot of things for comfort: validation from others, procrastination, the next best series on Netflix, affection, solitude, achievements, and even food.

That’s right. Food.

It’s amazing how food can be so comforting, yet so detrimental when abused and consumed indulgently.

I believe most of us can relate to this.

“The glutton may enjoy his food, but he does not enjoy his condition.” -Gary Thomas

I came across this quote in a book I was reading, and it instantly hit home.

At the moment, I feel so comforted by food, but the condition it leaves me in is not very comforting.

I have even had a few trips to the hospital due to my poor diet. Yet this is what I turn to for comfort. Why?

The comfort we feel is fleeting. It is momentary. It comforts us in the brief moment that we need it, but once the moment passes, we’re left wanting that same comfort again.

It is insatiable.

However, God is comforting, and the comfort he brings is not only for the moment, but even after.

It is everlasting.

He wants us to turn to him for comfort instead of things that were not created for comfort.

That is why the things of this world provide temporary relief and comfort, because they were not designed to provide comfort in the first place.

That is not their function.

Our bodies are temples, and we should treat them as such.

Honoring God with our bodies includes what we consume.

What we consume is not solely limited to what we listen to or watch, but it extends to what we eat.

God is the ultimate comforter.

My mom once wrote a song regarding our comforter with the following lyrics:

Whatever you need, that’s what he will be.

If you need joy, he’ll be joy for you.

If you need peace, he’ll be peace for you.

Whatever you need, that’s what he will be.

This song is a good example of what it means for us to turn to God as our ultimate source of comfort. All the comfort that we need is wrapped up in who God is.


Prayer: God, thank you for being the ultimate comforter in my life. Continue to give me the strength to turn to you in my greatest moments and the lowest.

Your Turn: Can you relate? Do you find ways to look outside of God for your comfort? What steps have you taken to change? We'd love to hear from you!

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Katherine Hutchinson-Hayes
Katherine Hutchinson-Hayes
24 de dez. de 2021

I can relate to this post and I‘ve definitely made the mistake of looking to other things outside of God for comfort. Thanks for sharing!

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